Long Term Care Room Available Now!

Are you looking for long term care? We are ready to welcome new residents into our home. We have been doing all we can to keep our residents and staff safe during Covid19 and we have remained 100% virus free.

At Orchard House we understand that giving up your home is never easy and it is important to make sure you have made the right choice. That is why we give potential residents the opportunity to try out our care with an introductory respite stay. Our bespoke home with only 6 beds makes a marvellous home for anyone who prefers a quieter environment where they are more than just a resident, more a part of Orchard House’s family! If you are interested please contact us for details, we will be happy to show you around virtually! If you then decide you would like to plan a stay we have a meet and greet policy so that we can show you around safely by appointment.

 Phone: 01723 378220.                                                                                       email:info@orchardhousecare.co.uk