Keeping in touch throughout Corona Virus

Hello to all our families and friends. We are all safe and well and hope it won’t be too long before we see you again. We thought you might enjoy seeing some photos of what we have been doing! From painting rainbows to creating a ‘wave wall’

Everytime we pass the wall the hands flutter in the breeze and look like they are waving. If you have not sent one yet you can post or email yours to us. A special thank you to Lindhead School children who sent a lot!

We really miss all our day care visitors #staysafe and take care of yourselves. You might find this information on taking care of your wellbeing useful:

For anyone caring for someone with dementia there is a helpline available at Dementia Connect Support: 03331503456

Sending our best wishes to you all

From everyone here  at Orchard House