Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Orchard House Care Home?

We believe that every person we support should have their dignity, choice and independence promoted. At Orchard House you will see dignity in action, in our care as well as in our activities. We listen to what the people we care for and their families tell us they want, so we can make every day at Orchard House thoroughly enjoyable as well as beneficial.

Day Care Services

What is day care?

As people get older, many begin to feel that they could benefit from a little more help and support. If the person you support is not yet ready for long-term care, day care could help them maintain their independence and prevent loneliness while providing them with the care and support they need. Day care provides them with the opportunity to meet and socialise with like-minded people in a supportive environment.

Who is day care suitable for?

At Orchard House we encourage you to try our taster session: this gives us the opportunity to assess the individual’s needs, and for you to see if day care is the right fit for the person you support. Some people enjoy day care for the companionship and because they are not as independent as they used to be, others may require support for physical or mental health problems. You will undoubtedly find that day care enables you to enjoy a well-deserved break from your caring role, too!

Is day care suitable for people with dementia?

People with dementia and their carers often face a lack of understanding from businesses and communities. Our team’s training in dementia means they can confidently meet the needs of people affected by dementia. Our visitors can continue with simple activities in a homely and comfortable environment. Like everyone else who uses are service, people with dementia must have an assessment of needs during their taster session to ensure that we can support them.

Is a meal provided?

Yes, all day care visitors can enjoy a nutritious two-course lunch from our regularly changing menu. Additionally, we serve hot and cold refreshments and snacks throughout the day. We can cater for special diets and are compliant with the Food Standards Agency 14 allergens legislation. We have a 5-star rating for Food Hygiene. We recognise the importance of mealtimes as a social event and our lovely dining room is a great place for our visitors to come together and enjoy each others’ company as well as the food.

How can I pay for day care?

At Orchard House, day care is more affordable than you may think, and we can make your money go further because our charges include all care, meals, activities, and refreshments throughout the day. We are approved carers for North Yorkshire County Council, and we also welcome self-funders. You may be eligible for support, such as a direct payment, to spend on the things that make your caring roll easier. To find out more about our all-inclusive service, please visit the day care section.


How can I find out if my relative is eligible for financial support?

If you are providing regular and substantial care for someone, you can ask to be assessed by your local authority. Organisations such as Scarborough & Ryedale Carers Resource can provide you with further advice. Don’t forget, even if you are self-funding there are some benefits that can help you pay for your care needs.

Is there any help available for carers?

You can find the right support by contacting your local council and asking them for a carer’s assessment. A carer’s assessment will look at the different ways that caring affects your life. It will help work out how you can carry on doing the things that are important to you and your family. Your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing will be at the heart of this assessment. As a result, you may be eligible for support from the council, who will also offer you advice and guidance to help you with your caring responsibilities. You can have a carer’s assessment even if the person you care for does not get any help from the council, and they will not need to be assessed.

To find out more about carers’ assessments visit: gov.uk/careandsupport

How would the person I support get to Orchard House?

We are easily accessible from the town centre and the north of town by public transport, with bus stops directly outside Orchard House. Many of our visitors use the Dial a Ride community transport service, which we are happy to book for you. We also have pick-up and drop-off parking directly outside our front door

Respite Care

What is respite care?

Respite care is a short-term stay, often for around one or two weeks. Respite breaks can be planned or unplanned, in cases of emergency. After spending most of the time with their main caregiver, a respite break at Orchard House can be planned to provide a real holiday experience. It is the perfect opportunity for caregivers to recharge their batteries, too. We understand how difficult it is to find respite care, so the main benefit of coming to Orchard House is the ability to book your stay in advance at a time that suits you. Many people who choose our respite care are already regular visitors to our day care centre, so the transition is smooth for them and reassuring for you!

Who is respite care suitable for?

Our Care Quality Commission registration permits Orchard House to care for people aged 65 and older, people aged 18 and over, and people with dementia. All potential residents must have a comprehensive assessment of their care needs prior to admission to ensure that we can meet their needs.

How are people’s needs assessed?

Assessment of the person you care for is very important to us in preparation for admission. It enables us to have a comprehensive view of the individual’s needs, so that we are confident we can offer the level of support they require.

Our registered manager will arrange a mutually convenient time with you to complete the assessment, this can be done in your home or in our day care hub. This is a great opportunity that allows the person to stay and have lunch with us and meet some of our other visitors and residents. Part of our assessment process is finding out about what is important to the individual and to get an understanding of their daily routine. We think this is just as important as the usual information about their health, and it helps to make the whole process person-centred.

Why should I choose Orchard House for my respite stay?

Orchard House is a family-owned care home which offers respite care in a modern, small and friendly environment where each resident is seen and treated as a VIP. We really want to give every resident a break that feels like a holiday experience. June, David and the team have many years of experience in the care industry, which we hope will give you total peace of mind. Our team members have been recruited for their values and have had thorough training and support to enable them to deliver high standards of care.

What is included in a respite stay at Orchard House?

In addition to all your personal care and support you will benefit from:

  • Single en-suite bedroom equipped to a high standard
  • Use of communal lounges and facilities
  • All meals, supper and snacks
  • Non-alcoholic drinks and refreshments
  • Laundry service for personal clothing
  • Liaison with GPs, social workers and other healthcare professionals
  • Linen and towels during your stay
  • A comprehensive activities and wellbeing programme each day in our day care hub; and
  • Wi-Fi throughout the home and USB charger points in each room along with smart TVs.
How will I pay for a respite stay?

At Orchard House respite care may be more affordable than you think. If you are in receipt of a direct payment from your local authority (North Yorkshire County Council), you have the flexibility to choose when and where you spend the money. You can get advice about direct payments from Age UK and other local charities.

Everyone is entitled to a financial assessment from the local authority to see whether you are eligible for any funding towards respite care.

If your planned stay is over six weeks in the future, we will ask you to pay a deposit.

What is the food like?

There will be three main meals per day with plenty of choice. We will ensure that we provide food that the person you support likes, and if they have any dietary requirements please let us know so that we can incorporate that into their stay. There will always be drinks and snacks available throughout the day.

What about safety at Orchard House?

The respite unit at Orchard House is new and incorporates all the necessary fire safety standards. On assessment we formulate a personal emergency evacuation plan (PEEP) for each resident that details exactly what help and support they need. A copy of the PEEP is in each resident’s room. Our staff are specifically trained to deal with a fire emergency and will always make residents’ safety their priority.

The safety of our residents is our priority and all our staff have training in safeguarding. Easy to read information about safeguarding and how to raise any concerns can be found in each resident’s room.

Can the person I support have visitors while staying at Orchard House?

Given the current global health situation, there may be additional restrictions placed on visiting residents at Orchard House. Please refer to our Coronavirus update page for the latest visiting regulations.

In ordinary circumstances, visitors are permitted at any time, but we would ask that you visit during times so as not to disturb other residents, especially late at night. It is a safety requirement that visitors sign in and out of the visitor book. Visiting children must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times, and are not permitted to go into other residents’ rooms unaccompanied.

Can the person I support bring their pet for the duration of their stay?

While visitors are welcome to bring in well-behaved pets for short visits, unfortunately residents cannot have their pets with them for the duration of their stay. Pets must not be allowed to foul in the garden or grounds, please remember that hand-washing is important after handling pets.

What about long-term care?

Many of our residents wish they could stay longer at the end of their visit. If you are interested in making Orchard House your permanent home, please ask if we have a room available.