Sue & Gordon

Gordon and Sue shared the challenges they faced during lockdown:

It’s been unbelievably difficult for people who have been supporting family members with dementia during lockdown. For many of them daycare was a lifeline each week when they had time to themselves, to relax and pick up a little of their own lives and recharge their batteries. It has been upsetting for us to know how many of the people we supported through day care have been impacted by lockdown.

 Sue and Gordon were one of many families who were hit hard by the closure of our day care service and they shared their experience with the Alzheimer’s Society to help shine a spotlight on the demands faced by ordinary people in extraordinary times. You can hear their story here

With the many safety measures we have put in place and the assurance of the vaccination programme being comprehensively rolled out now we are thrilled to see Sue and many of our other visitors once again.

If you are interested in finding out about how we can help support someone you care for contact us on: 01723 378220 or email us: