It’s Dementia Awareness week!

Dementia awareness week is an annual awareness raising campaign. This year its aims are to encourage people who might be living with, or close to someone with undiagnosed dementia to seek guidance and support from the Alzheimer’s Society.

With an eye-catching theme of, “It’s not called getting old, it’s called getting ill” the Alzheimer’s Society is hoping to debunk the assumption that dementia is a normal part of ageing. When people don’t address their concerns about dementia it often goes untreated and valuable help from health, social care and charitable organisations can be missed out on, along with the benefits that those contacts can bring to individuals and their families.

Our team at Orchard House have a wealth of experience supporting individuals and their families who have been impacted by dementia. Our day care facility can provide regular days out for people with dementia where they are supported in a stimulating and caring environment. Each person has their needs assessed and we tailor our activities to ensure they are inclusive for everyone’s needs.

If you are looking for a longer stay our respite beds are the perfect solution, our small unit has only 6 beds to ensure everyone gets the personalised care and attention they require.

We have strong links and work closely with all health care professionals involved in dementia care as well as the local Alzheimer’s Society and Dementia Action Alliance.

Why not pop in or call us for a chat today to see if we can help?