Feeling ready for a break from your caring role?


4th September 2023 for 1 week

Feeling ready for a break from your caring role?

It’s not too late to book a stay for the person in your care. Late summer and early autumn are great times to enjoy some me-time, which is so very important for care givers. I like this analogy from psychotherapist and author Anna Mathur: when you spend all your time and energy filling everyone else’s cups, your own cup sits empty. Taking a short break to recharge your own batteries leaves you both physically andmentally better equipped to carry on as a caregiver.

For many people, the idea of a break from caring can induce feelings of guilt and concern about the level of care and attention that will be given to the person in your care during your absence. At Orchard House, we aim to give you the peace of mind that comes from trusted friends and family. Our relationship starts as soon as youcontact us, and our step-by-step approach gives you confidence that the person you have entrusted into our care is in good hands.

How does it work?

• Get in touch for a friendly chat so we can get to know more about your needs.
• Plan for an assessment; we can do this at your home or at Orchard House.
The assessment is to ensure we can meet the person in your care’s needs — your involvement is important because it’s often the little details that matter!
• Talk about dates: we can be flexible with dates and the break can be as long or short as you’d like.
• Arrange for the individual’s arrival and a warm welcome. We like to make a stay with us feel like a holiday, meeting the team and getting to know each other is so much easier when there are only six residents!
• Relax, recharge and enjoy your break. Our small, family-run home feels like a home-from-home, and our caring team go the extra mile to make sure that the person in your care enjoys their break just as much as you do!

If you’re ready to plan a break that benefits you and the person you care for, get in

Telephone: 01723 378220
Email: enquiries@orchardhousecare.co.u