As we near the end of a year like no other we look back at the challenges that the virus has created for us.

The strength, adaptability and resilience of our team has enabled us to overcome many hurdles whilst implementing new ways of working. Most importantly we have been able to protect our residents and we have remained 100% covid free.

The challenges families and friends have experienced through separation from the people they love who are in a care home have been many. We are proud to have supported them to keep in touch in new ways by implementing technology, setting up garden visits and then protected space indoor visits. We are looking forward to the vaccine being rolled out and being able to test visitors to be sure as so far is possible that our residents and team are protected and ‘normal’ visiting can be resumed.

Christmas and New Year are special events in our calendar and this year many of us will be celebrating the season very differently. At Orchard House we will ensure that we will find new ways of making this lovely season special for our residents and our team. Looking back often fills us with nostalgia for the year that has passed. I think this year we will all look forward to the herald of the New Year and safer, happier and healthier times for everyone.

So all that is left for me to say is that all of the team wish you A very Peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year.