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Keeping older people well in the winter!

The winter months are particularly difficult for older people who are socially isolated and they may experience physical and mental health problems as a direct result of their loneliness. Why not try the Orchard House remedy?


Happy New Year Everyone

It's our first day back and we look forward to welcoming visitors old and new in 2019. We are very excited and looking forward to the completion of our Respite rooms that will provide a much needed service. The builders have had a well deserved holiday over Christmas so we took the opportunity to show the younger members of our family around; They look as excited as we are!! Don't forget to register your interest if you would like to benefit from a respite break for yourself or someone you care for by signing up here:




News from Orchard House

Halloween is the perfect opportunity for everyone to get creative and we have been preparing  monstrously, ghoulish displays to decorate with:


Preventing Urinary Tract Infections

         Urinary Tract Infections                      
Urinary tract infections (UTI) are caused by the presence and proliferation of micro-organisms in the urinary tract. They can be a frequent cause of ill health in the elderly, especially older women and can be a frequent cause of hospital admission along with over prescribing of antibiotics.
Often in old age a persons’ thirst sensation decreases and consequently they may not drink sufficient fluids to maintain hydration.
At Orchard House we are encouraging our visitors to drink 7 glasses a day to keep UTI’s at bay! This simple health promotion message can benefit older people in their own home too.

Why not try some of our tips to help prevent dehydration in a person you support?

  • Set up a hydration station, leave a jug of chilled water nearby for easy access. A pretty tray complete with cloth and a favourite glass or beaker will make it more appealing. Adding slices of lemon or oranges is a nice touch
  • Our visitors enjoy making and drinking cocktails, there are plenty of non-alcoholic recipes online! Why not decorate your cocktail glasses with some cocktail parasols? This makes a fun activity as well as a healthy habit.
  • A tempting fruit platter is the perfect excuse to not only achieve your 5 a day but lots of fruit is loaded with fluid. Watermelon is one of the most hydrating fruits with a water content of 92%. Peaches, oranges and berries are good too, keep some napkins near by to catch those juicy drips!
  • If the person you support has dementia or has any speech difficulties, they may often mix up their words and say no instead of yes. For this reason, instead of just asking if someone wants a drink we usually say, “Here’s a drink for you Mary/Peter.” An additional prompt is to encourage them to drink up, so you can wash up their cup or glass!
  • Drinking, like eating is also a social event, the person you support will be more inclined to have a cup of tea or coffee if you sit down with them and have a little chat, why not get that nice tea set out! Just remember that tea and coffee contain caffeine and can be dehydrating if drunk in large quantities, look out for decaffeinated varieties for a healthier option.
  • Ice lollies are a refreshing treat in warmer weather and a good way to get some extra fluids on board, jellies are popular too. Again, both are simple to make and a great activity to share.

In addition to encouraging fluids remember to keep an eye on the urine output of the individual, how often are they going to the loo? If the urine appears dark in colour or smells offensive this could indicate insufficient fluid intake. Always ask for advice at your Dr’s surgery if you are concerned.
We are so fortunate in this country to have a good, accessible and reliable supply of clean water that we often take it for granted. Incorporating a few of the tips above can yield real benefits to the health of older people by preventing dehydration, urinary tract infections and many other problems associated with ageing.